Most Restoration Is Boring

There’ve not been a ton of updates lately. That’s because so much of what we’ve been doing isn’t flashy. Lots of little “whoas” and no “wows”.

It’s wood filling nail holes in trim. It’s caulking edges and touching up the paint.

It’s re-attaching (not changing) light fixtures now that the ceiling is painted.

It’s installing a baseboard heater and having it take longer than expected and trying to troubleshoot why it wasn’t working and calling the electrician twice for advice only to have him figure out it was never hooked up to the breaker box in the first place.

It’s picking up and organizing the tools that seem to have been scattered to the four winds so that they are easier to find for the next project.

It’s the small details and finishing touches that others might not notice but you not only know they are there waiting for you to be done but can’t unsee them even after you walk away.

And even on the days when nothing gets done, when my attention is turned to other things, the project still lingers in my mind. A problem I walked away from the day before because I could not figure it out is often solved as I’m drifting off to sleep or just waking up.

In the pictures I share you may see a before, a during, and an after, but seeing them all together you have no sense that between those were dozens — perhaps hundreds - of choices and challenges in-between each shot. You see not the labor but the love.

Whoa to Wow @whoatowow