Meet Jason

You may have noticed I use “we” a lot when talking about the various projects here, especially The Hague House. The truth is, I’m not doing this work alone. I have help.

Meet Jason. He’s not only a dear long time friend and an even longer time friend of my wife’s, but I’ve also enlisted his help with restoring Hague. He brings a wealth of expertise and experience and knows way more about the construction side of things than I do. He also lives in an old house in the neighborhood like us so he’s no stranger to the unique challenges that sometimes brings. He also has a background as a visual artist and sculptor which brings a whole other level of skill to the table when it comes to a lot of the detail work restoration requires.

I really could not be doing any of this without him. I mean, I could muddle my way through but it would not be half of what we bring to it as a team. I’m so proud to have him working along side of me.

Whoa to Wow @whoatowow