Update 03.30.2021

Things are moving along. Like any large project, everything has dependencies…

The Kitchen has been painted and is now ready for the flooring to go in. We can’t install the cabinetry until the flooring goes in and our flooring guy is not available until April, which means pretty much everything with the kitchen is on hold until then. The powder room (small bathroom off of the kitchen) is gutted but waiting until our plumber is available. No sense in doing the electrical in there until that happens. And, we are trying to chase down a phantom suspected leak.

So, there’s a lot of other busy work there since the larger work is stalled. Yesterday, it was clearing overgrown vines and brush from the east side of the house. I failed to take a “before” pictuture because, as I’ve establish before, I really suck at remebering to do so. But here’s an “After”:

Whoa to Wow @whoatowow